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Special Edition on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging, March 2018

Special Issue Editors: A.F. Frangi, S.A. Tsaftaris, J. L. Prince
IEEE Trans Med Imaging, vol. 37, issue 3, March 2018

This editorial introduces the Special Issue on Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging. In this editorial, we define so-far ambiguous terms of simulation and synthesis in medical imaging. We also briefly discuss the synergistic importance of mechanistic (hypothesis- driven) and phenomenological (data-driven) models of med- ical image generation. Finally, we introduce the twelve papers published in this issue covering both mechanistic (5) and phenomenological (7) medical image generation. This rich selection of papers covers applications in cardiology, retinopathy, histopathology, neurosciences, and oncology. It also covers all mainstream diagnostic medical imaging modalities. We conclude the editorial with a personal view on the field and highlight some existing challenges and future research opportunities.